Why Choose SQLHA?

If SQL Server is the heart of your data tier, we’re your cardiologists.


SQLHA delivers highly performing, highly available, mission critical SQL Server solutions. Our real focus is identifying and delivering the best solutions for your environments, meeting or exceeding customer expectations for delivering high-visibility, high-risk projects for customers that include large insurance companies and financial institutions.

Why choose SQLHA?

  • Real World and Recognized Industry Expertise
    Customers expect anyone helping them to bring the right skills to the proverbial table. There is no point in hiring consultants who know less than your in-house staff. SQLHA’s roster is comprised of recognized industry experts with real world experience. We do not just dream up scenarios in labs – we help customers implement their ideas on a daily basis. We write books and other collateral that are widely used and recommended. We speak at conferences and user groups. We deliver world-class training – such as being asked by Microsoft to teach at rotations of the Microsoft Certified Masters on SQL Server 2008. One of us is currently a Microsoft MVP. We’ve been there, done that, and keep up-to-date with our skills and knowledge. That’s exactly what you need in a consultant.
  • Battle-tested Methodologies
    Our experience with high-risk, high-visibility projects has helped us develop battle-tested and proven methodologies for project management, design, and deployment. Our holistic approach focuses on understanding the relationship between SQL Server, applications, infrastructure, bandwidth, and other aspects to deliver proper solutions that suits the needs of IT, the business, and end users.
  • Real Deliverables
    Have you ever worked with consultants who walk out at the end of an engagement and do not tell you what they did or provide you with rudimentary documentation? We apologize for them, because that isn’t what we do. You will not receive a one page document at the end of a longer engagement (unless that’s what the deliverable calls for, of course). We don’t waste time with useless deliverables, and neither should you.
  •  Knowledge Transfer and Training
    Our engagement model is not just about planning, designing, implementing, and then running out the door as soon as we can. We strive to ensure that our customers receive the appropriate knowledge transfer via training or documentation to ensure that they understand and can administer the solution we put in place. We’re not looking to be or replace your DBAs or IT staff: you hopefully have those already. SQLHA’s goal is to partner with your company to make your staff and the implementations successful so you ask us back for the right reasons, not all the wrong ones.
  •  Tactical or Strategic: We’re Here For You
    SQLHA can delivering both short and long term engagements. Short term engagements tend to be tactical, such as resolving a performance issue or performing a health check or another kind of assessment. Long term engagements allow us to truly partner with you over time to develop a proper solution from inception to birth. Whether you need us for a few days, a few months, or longer, let us know.